In order to sew a cocoon with your own hands, you will need a baby nest pattern. You can find it at the link:

Print 16 pages in Adobe Acrobat Reader from a file. Indicate the real size in the settings.

It turned out 16 sheets.

baby nest pattern


baby cocoon pattern

Cut the borders of the sheet and combine the pattern by numbers and combining the letters in triangles. Use adhesive tape.

cocoon pattern


nest diy

Cut along the divided lines. The solid lines are the sewing lines. Pattern ready.

baby nest tutorial

You need:

  • Fabric (2 different fabric with stars and polka dots in our case).

2 pieces of different fabric 40″ x 28″ (100 cm x 72 cm) each.

Fabric Strip 1,5’’(4cm)wide and 86’’(220cm) long.

  • Lace. With a length of 86″(220 cm)


  • Threads.

13 x 26 inches (33cm x 66 cm) thick piece of foam rubber. Thickness 0,3’’(1cm)


  • Bias tape. length 40’’ (100 см.). width 6 » (1,5 см).


  • Satin ribbon. width 1.96″ (5cm) length 118″ (300cm)

braid for baby nest

  • Thermo pen (You can also use chalk or a piece of soap).
  • Scissors.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Pins for fixing fabrics.
  • Hollowfiber filling, 2 kg or other tipes of fiberfill

baby nest tutorial


sew baby nest

Take two cotton fabrics and put them face to face. In our case, these are pink stars and gray polka dots. Place the pattern onto them and outline with a pencil cut out.

put baby nest pattern


cut baby cocoon pattern



Fix the fabric with needles around the perimeter

pin nest

Sew all using 1/2» (1cm) seam allowance leaving a hole at the bottom.

sew cocoon



Cut out the sleeping place from the pattern

we cut out the central part

Put the pattern of a sleeping place onto the foam rubber and outline it

put central

Cut along the contour.

we cut out the sintepon

Turn out the product through the bottom.

nest manual

Place a hard foam rubber bottom onto the cocoon and outline it with a heat erasable pen.



put central

If you want, you can apply a pattern to the fabric, where you insert and stitch the foam rubber later. In our case, this is a diamond pattern.

we apply the drawing

Measure 1,5”(4 cm) from the bottom for a strip of fabric to sew on

we measure

Cut off a strip 1,5”(4 cm) wide and 86”(220 cm) long.

we measure the band

Fold 0,2’’ (0,5cm) on three sides and iron it.

stroking the strip

Take lace 86”(220 cm) long. Put it on fabric.

2 side

Place the strip onto the lace and stitch it, stepping 1,5“ (4 cm) back from the edge

Turn up the strip and stitch along the other edge

sew cocoon

There is such blank as a result

almost done

Pin and stitch the center

pin fabric

Stitch the center.

sew on line

Insert foam rubber and stitch the entire outline drawn earlier. Insert the foam rubber.

we insert the filler

we sew it together with the filler



Remove traces from the pen by heating them with iron


Cocoon without pen marks.


Insert the satin ribbon with a pin into the hole around the perimeter that we’ve got after stitching the strip up. And stretch it all around the perimeter

inserting the tape

Stuff it with Hollowfiber through the unstitched end


Slightly flatten the filling


Fix the position of the Hollowfiber with needles so that it doesn’t shift.

pin side

Stitch the remaining holes

Then, close all the bottom seams with a bias tape.

we sew a satin ribbon

Pull and tie the satin ribbon bow. Baby nest ready.

baby nest ready

In order to sew a cocoon with your own hands, you will need a baby nest pattern. You can find it at the link: