In order to sew a children’s apron, you need a kids apron pattern of a children’s apron. It’s on the link.


kids apron pattern

kids apron diy

Tools and materials:
Sewing machine
Stick for turning out

Fabric(Cotton 17.5’’ 22’’ or one yard) And 19.5’’ x 6’’ for three straps
Adhesive tape.
The size of the finished apron is 19’’ * 16’’ (48*40 cm.)
Let’s start:
In the Adobe Acrobat program, print a pattern for an apron and strings. Cut the patterns out.

Match the dotted lines and join the sheets with adhesive tape.
The pattern pieces include a 1/4» seam


strap pattern

Fold the fabric in half, with the right sides together. Place the pattern and outline. Cut it out.

put apron

cut apron

Place the string pattern onto the fabric and cut out three times. It turned out 3 strings.

put strap

cut 3 strap

Fold the strings in half, with the right sides together. Stitch one end and then the full length. Don’t stitch the other end.

we fold the strip


sew strap

Turn out the product, using a thin stick. Insert it into the sewn end and begin to pull the entire tape onto the stick until it, together with the right side of the fabric, comes out through the unstitched end.



rotate strap

strap for apron

Iron the strings. Place them on one half of the apron from the front, two on the side and one on top as shown in the pattern.

iron strap

Cover with the second fabric with the right side inward. Pin two fabrics together with strings with needles/pins in 4 places so that they don’t shift when sewing.

pin strap

Sew along the perimeter, leaving a small hole about 3» unstitched for turning out at the bottom. Seam allowance 1/4″ Turn it out.

sew baby apron

turn off baby pattern

Iron and sew the hole by hand.

iron apron


stich baby apron


The apron is finally made!

kids apron pattern diy